Why should you make your business accessible?

The number of disabled people as well as seniors is increasing. Last 2016, a survey of the world’s population was done. It found out that about 8.5% of people around the world are aged 65 and above. According to a report in 2015, the percentage will jump to almost 17% of the world’s population by 2050. Then, this year, 15% percent of the population experiences a form of disability worldwide. An estimate of 110 million to 190 million people experience significant disabilities.

In every business, we all have set on a specific target. As a start-up, we are finding customers and treating them as the top priority. How about the disabled ones for example? Is your business accessible as well for the disabled people? Accessibility doesn’t mean that you are ensuring that they can physically access your business. It means that facilities and information are accessible. To make your business accessible, there are factors to consider. These are adjustments to the structure and the staff training. Disabled people and seniors could also be your potential customers.

There are many reasons why a business should be accessible:


Everyone is a potential client. Imagine how would you feel if a huge company doesn’t remember you or wants to use your products or services? Isn’t that already a missed chance? There are many opportunities waiting for you as long as we embrace the whole society and treat them with utmost care. Extending your reach to more potential customers is great but never limit yourself at a specific target. From seniors to the impaired until the wheelchair people—you can earn loyalty and trust from more people around.


The disability discrimination laws protects disabled people from inequality as well as providing them equal opportunities. Many businesses are monitored in case of unfair treatment to the disabilities. If someone with disability files a complaint against because your business is not accessible to them, they file a complaint and you will see each other at the court. But, by making your business accessible, you can reduce lawsuits and costs. You can work out a plan to make your business accessible.


Won’t it be great that your business becomes a word of the mouth? Treat them well and they will spend their money on you. Treat them as a top priority and they will shout your names and you will be featured to every articles or blogs you can find. Accessible technology is great way to highlight and communicate commitment to workforce diversity and equal opportunities.

Be careful of fierce moms are with their disabled child. Every cub in trouble, mama’s coming right up and hunt you down. They are not afraid to put shame into your business. Their secret weapon is the media. This can be social media, or even in tabloids. They will find a way to destroy you. If word goes out that you gave an unfair treatment to a disabled child, your business’ credibility will be in shambles. Well, you will gain attention—haters, that is.


The revenue will increase because you are also considering the disabled ones as a customer. Many businesses are not aware of the revenue possibilities. In some places, they hired disabled people to work for them.

One dollar can be equal to millions of dollars, if you reckon into that. All you need to make sure that the people will be satisfied in what you offer them so that they can come back for more. Most people will not look at the potential of others and set up walls.

Productivity and Diversity

Because of technology, people with or without disabilities are able to be productive without limits, through its accessibility features such as volume control, readable screens and many more. They can use it to increase the work and optimize performance. The point is as long as the tools they need are there, they can be productive as possible, and therefore, it provides you a better workplace for everyone.

People aim for an environment where there is no discrimination and access to many things. When we break down the barriers, equality and enjoyment of every single person will be shown. An inclusive work environment means educating others about accessibility. When you start making changes, do it little by little to avoid discrimination such as moving the chairs to make room for the mobility aids and assistance dogs. Or, you could make huge changes as your resources can allow. Keep in mind to focus on the person, not the disability. Talk to them and cater their needs just as how you treat other customers. This way, you can get to know them without setting up a barrier. In business, there is a business imperative to supporting diversity, like the moral or compassionate: a working environment where diversity puts potential to customers, clients and employees alike.




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