Interesting and delighting tourist spots accessible for people with
Reduced mobility in the tourist-wheelchair-friendly place in East Asia.
The hustle and bustle of Hong Kong brings a vibrant feel to many travel spots for people with reduced mobility. The busy streets of the towns will surely get you to pack up and get a ticket to Hong Kong. From the lights of the night to the attractive spots to visit by day, the fun does not stop there. This is a must-see wheelchair-friendly environment. So, shop and fun until you drop.

The Hong Kong International Airport is accessible to wheelchair passengers. However, they will be treated differently from US. At the check-in area, things will run easily. Passengers arrive two hours before the takeoff.

Before you arrive, passengers with special needs are contacted by the airlines ahead. At the time of arrival, there are assigned drop-off ranges for wheelchair travelers with low curb and two of the air terminals five car parks. The outside car park 1 and the multi-story car park 4 have saved wheelchair friendly parking spots beside the lifts. Rehabus and Easy-Access bus transport for you as well.

Most of the Hong Kong attractions are accessible to disabled and wheelchair users. However, there are some cases that disabled travelers will be forced to adapt from the norm to enjoy. Let’s put up a list of must-see attractions for travelers out there:


As expected, the happiest place on earth will be part of the attractions list. Rides, mascots, places to visit-the list goes on for Disney lovers. Wheelchairs are accessible at the Disneyland Resort Line of the MTR, which you will find wheelchair-accessible rides. The management makes sure that strolling around will not be a challenge because of their wheelchair-capable shuttle. The attraction is accessible for people with disabilities. Restaurants, shops and restrooms are all wheelchair accessible, as well as many of the park’s attractions.


The highest peak in the western half of Hong Kong that has a staggering height of 552 meters (1,811 feet) also known as Mount Austin but locally “The Peak”. Here, you’ll see the captivating scene of Hong Kong at its topmost level. From daytime to night time, the view varies. In the day you’ll see high crowded buildings and the busy Victoria Harbor but at night, city lights will dazzle your eyes like millions of tiny stars in clusters. Paved walkways in various spots specially designated for baby carriages and persons with disabilities were already provided. In getting there, buses that were wheelchair-modified like the Bus 15 from Central is convenient for you.


This attraction is to die for. Nearby the shore of Victoria Bay, there you can find the Avenue of Stars. The sidewalk and the pedestrian area are filled with handprint and signatures of celebrities like Jackie Chan, as well as metal sculptures like Bruce Lee. About 440 meters along the shoreline, you can find decorative plants and benches. For safety, there is a long railway to keep people from falling. The sight is worth it. You can take a lot of pictures especially at night. The view is breathtaking. A light show filled with music is staged every night called A Symphony of Lights. The show starts at exactly 8:00 pm and it became the “World’s Largest Permanent Light and Sound Show” at the Guinness Book of World Records.


It is one of Hong Kong’s tourist shopping attractions. Here you could shop here for bargain shopping goods like bags, souvenirs and a lot more or might as well munch some of the finest street foods that are cheap and sumptuous. It is easy to access because the main part of the pedestrian market is about a kilometer long, so it’s hard to get lost. To get here, you can take Bus 6 or a taxi as per your convenience.


If you feel like going to the mall or relax, just blocks away from Victoria Harbor waterfront, you can find the IFC Mall Rooftop. The mall is above the MTR where you can relax, drink wine or eat at one of their restaurants. For a happy day, basking under the sun, you can enjoy your rooftop garden and let your kids play around. This mall is a part complex with some of the most exclusive office space in Hong Kong. Elevated walkways are connected to the IFC to many luxury malls in Central, Sheung Wan and as far as SoHo. This is made accessible so people can go around the rainy days without getting wet or touching their feet. In a big city like Hong Kong, this one of the many places to visit.




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