How to Make the Most of Your Next Adventure

Do you already have plans for your next adventure yet? Anywhere in the world you plan to go, a careful planning ahead of time is very important. Not only will you enjoy the time while you’re away from home, but you’re likely to minimize those hurdles you can not anticipate while traveling. So, how to make the most of your next adventure? Here are few tips.

Do your homework:

Research is essentially part of planning, especially for individuals who wish to arrange their own itinerary. You will need to ask specific questions, for sure. Important details like the width of hotel elevator doors, which is normally not wide enough for a wheelchair; or the cruise line’s guidelines regarding accessibility when planning a cruise trip, you have to check first. You may think it’s quite difficult to orchestrate your own trip, but you can start researching destinations by visiting the official tourism offices online. Remember that the terminologies often differ from one place to another. Try different keywords like “barrier-free”, “disabled”, “handicapped”, “reduced mobility” and “special needs” when researching on the web.

Choose carefully:

This may sound cliché, but the world is literally a big place! And there are many destinations that are making it big in becoming barrier-free, making them more delightful to visit. In fact, just two years ago Germany launched a countrywide accessibility standard and certification program. With its nearly 185 accessible places to visit and things to enjoy and, this country is really promoting accessible travel and could just be the right pick for you this time. While you may think that old cities are automatically hard to navigate, especially for people with physical disabilities, it’s best not to assume right away that place is totally inaccessible. The best thing to do is to consult with a travel agent, particularly when planning a multi-country trip.

Hire a Pro:

It is a time consuming task if you plan your trip abroad. There are some specialized travel agencies who can book flights, cruises, accommodations, trip to the beach and transportation. Some of the travel agencies also arrange for rental for medical equipment, a travel companion and the purchase of travel insurance. Ask about the accessibility of travel agent before hiring them.

Book hotels wisely:

Admit it or not, hotel reservations are also important, especially ensuring that you make early reservations at hotels located just in the city proper. Remember that you’re not the only person with reduced mobility in the world; you are able to check in to the same hotel as you. Chances are the longer you wait, the worse the location of your hotel which may mean you have to take the bus or cab to see wonderful sights. So, better make reservations as soon as you can or as soon as you have chosen an ideal hotel.

Ready yourself for air travel:

Air travel is one of the biggest concerns for people with reduced mobility. Moving around large airports and carrying medical equipment can be energy-draining. To minimize the exhausting feeling, you need to inform the airline when booking a reservation and upon arrival at the airport. It’s a good thing that most airlines allow wheelchair users to board first, which means they exit the plane last. Another minor hurdle is wheelchairs are often damaged by baggage handlers. It’s ideal to carry any detachable parts of the wheelchair or scooter when boarding the plane.

Plot how you’ll navigate around:

In an accessible vehicle, moving wheelchairs or scooters or any mobility devices often requires getting around. Some countries may only have a few total taxis that are accessible enough and must be booked 24 hours or even days ahead. Naturally, subways are not an ideal choice for wheelchair users, considering the absence of elevators, or some are unfeasible. The good thing is that there are many cities that have accessible buses with ramps.

Remember these major things and you will definitely make the most of your next adventure!




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