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Traveling around the globe is everyone’s dream, even the handicapped or disabled ones are not limiting themselves when it comes to going out from the four walls of home. These days, there are more reasons and opportunities for people with disability or wheelchair, to go out and just live life beyond the concrete walls of their homes, or even beyond their fears. Accessible travel is now making it easier for people with disabilities to travel. The world is for everyone- every single one. There are so many things to appreciate around you that deserve your admiration. And if you happen to be differently-abled who also dreams of wandering the world, this blog is for you. In this blog, we’ll tackle some tips for every disabled traveler, read on and find out what these tips are.

Plan ahead:

 Traveling, especially when you’re physically incapacitated impaired can be daunting. It’s better to call your service providers ahead of time. These services are required by law in most cases to accommodate travelers with special needs. When making the reservation with your service providers make sure you mention your needs. Also, you need to be sure that you describe your disability well. Be specific and clear. Remember that not all service providers know the idiom of accessible travel or even the medical terms of certain condition. To make sure, call your service providers 24 to 48 hours before your scheduled arrival to ensure that your accommodation has been made.

Talk to your physician: 

It’s always better to inform your doctor about your trip. Doctors can prescribe certain measures for managing with a long flight, the inaccessibility of prescribed drugs, limited health accommodations at your destination and the like. In some cases, doctors may question the necessity of a trip. See travel medications to get more insights about this. In addition, it’s also ideal to secure your doctor’s phone number and note. The doctor should not read your medical condition, medications, possible complications and special needs. Securing the number of a place where your doctor can be reachable when emergency situations occur can be helpful.

Use specialized travel agency:

A well-informed agent is able to craft a travel plan that equally works for everyone, to arrange private transportation in a not-so accessible destination, and to advise whether or not a hotel / place is accessible enough. Specializing in people with reduced mobility, there are agencies you can rely on when planning your most-awaited trip. With all the different directories, traveling from Turkey to Russia or even musing around Venice with the help of its wheelchair boats can be very possible if planned right.

Arrange assistance when flying:

Arranging wheelchair assistance with the airline ahead of time and double-checking afterwards are important when going on a trip. When in the airport, it is better to remind the check-in counter that you or your travel buddy needs wheelchair assistance at the moment. Even if you are traveling or tagging along with family members during the trip (these are all able to assist you), these members should allow assistance to get everyone through security quicker. If you’re traveling with your own wheelchair, make sure to detach everything the wheelchair that could fall off during storage as well as the head and foot rest. When already on board, request an aisle seat that is closer to the bathroom.

Take advantage of discounts:

This is a smoke-free property. A bar / lounge is on site where guests can unwind with a drink. Agencies require proof (s) of your disability such as a transit ID card or doctor’s note. This and all other information, complete list of approved proofs and are found for sure on the agency’s website. Fare discounts for those impaired / wheel chaired persons are also offered on trains and buses even in Japan, Singapore and more. In the US citizens or those with physical limitations are allowed to access any of their historic sites, national parks, theme parks and the like which often offer discounts using the National Service Access Pass.

There are endless possibilities for everyone, including those on wheelchairs with the improved accessible travel. That’s why we encourage you to go out and live!




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